The Residence



Located in the upmarket leafy neighborhood of Nyarutarama, these competitively-designed and priced homes offer a great investment opportunity to buyers. The Residence offers breath-taking views of Kigali’s only artificial lake and enjoys a bird’s eye watch of the iconic Kigali International Convention Centre. Other landmarks in the environs include: Kigali Golf Club, Nyarutarama Tennis Club, Kigali Heights Mall, to mention but some…

The Project has six different typologies as below: Type A – One bedroom semidetached villa:

• A one bedroom villa

• a guest bathroom living,

• Dining & kitchen area

• a built-up area of 62 sqm

• A swimming pool

Type B: - a 2 bedroom villa 4 bathroom

• 2 bedroom

• living and dining area

• kitchen

• net build up area of 2000sqm

Type c: - A 3 bedroom villa

• 3 bedroom

• 4 bathroom

• Living and dining area

• Kitchen

• Net build up area of 246 sqm

Type D: A- 4 bedroom villa 3 bedroom

• 4 bathroom

• 1 office room

• Living and dining area

Type- E: A 5 bedroom Villa

• 5 bedroom all en suite

• A guest bathroom

• Living and dining room area

Type- J: A 2 bedroom semidetached villas

• 2 bedroom

• 3 bathroom,

• Living and dining area

 • Kitchen • Net buildup area of 100 sqm.

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